Rising Prior Auth Volume

Prior Authorization volume in the healthcare industry has risen 54% in the last 4 years, causing pain for providers and health plans.

Administrative friction costs providers and health plans billions annually
Inefficiencies decrease member Net Promoter Scores and hinder patient treatment outcomes
Disconnected systems and incumbent solutions only make things worse 

 What is a System of Intelligence?

system of intelligence:  
sys•tem of in•tel•li•gence

1. an A.I. solution that works across datasets and systems, growing faster and smarter over time 

2. the technology by which the Digitize.AI team lives out their values and fulfills their company mission 

Our mission
help healthcare teams work at the highest and best use of their skills with our systems of intelligence.
Our values
trust, transparency, and courage

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What Snake Oil and A.I. in Healthcare have in Common. Lessons from 15 years in the A.I. trenches. 

Justin Adams, Co-Founder and CEO of Digitize.AI, explains the difference between A.I. technology that can unlock new capabilities and value versus A.I. that over promises and under delivers. Presented at the 2018 Becker's Hospital Review. 

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