A 3-bullet, 2-minute HIMSS Recap

Posted by Pat Morrell on Feb 18, 2019 11:05:17 PM

Our team went to HIMSS '19 last week. It was as expansive, informative, and circus-y (good and bad ways) as we remember from last year. 

Here's what we took away from our week in Orlando:

  • PRIOR AUTHORIZATIONS: Industry leaders continue peeling back the layers on prior auth costs and pains—and they see intelligent solutions as the way forward. The American Medical Association's Tyler Scheid and Heather McComas led a session on "Leveraging Technology to Improve Prior Authorization," and McComas made a salient point: 

    "That [prior auth] information is somehow going to have to get flagged in the EHR, so some kind of tech solution is needed here."

    We agree. It's why we created "Lia", the A.I.-enabled system of intelligence for prior authorizations. (Providers agree too, which is why Lia is gaining adoption quickly). 

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  • INTEROPERABILITY: A big, ongoing conversation between Providers and EHR vendors. The HealthcareITNews interview with Judy Faulkner, Epic CEO, was instructive (particularly her comments regarding FHIR and open APIs). Read the full interview here.

    The big takeaway: if you're responsible for ensuring that your EHR works with new applications in the future, interoperability will be a top consideration for you in 2019.

    (And remember that interoperability is just one piece of an overall solution puzzle. If prior auth is on your 2019 priority list, drop us a line and we'll help you put the pieces together).
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  • BUYING AND SELLING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: CIOs, CFOs, VPs of Revenue Cycle... they want to get smarter about vetting vendors and building consensus. Before HIMSS, our team created "buying" and "selling" guides for A.I.. We thought these might be helpful to people who stopped by our booth. We were right—these guides flew off the shelves, so we've made available here for wider access. Enjoy!

    (1) "Buying A.I.", a vendor solution checklist 
    (2) "Selling A.I., internally", how to build consensus and reinforce value with your peers

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