A Win for the Docs

Posted by Pat Morrell on Feb 14, 2018, 6:55:00 AM

“You’ve gotta make it a win for the docs...”

That’s a response from my dad, a now-retired Chief Medical Officer of a private, not-for-profit health system, when I asked him for advice on how Digitize.AI can succeed in bringing Lia, the A.I. assistant for prior authorizations, to healthcare communities.

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He wasn’t finished there:

“...and don’t pitch a bunch of BS. Don’t overpromise. Keep it simple, start small, and make sure it really works. Then build on the trust you’ve earned. Do that, and the docs and the administrators will love you.”

I’m paraphrasing the last bit, but the sentiment and message are on point. If you know my old man, you know him to be a successful, devoted, and no-nonsense clinician, administrator, and businessman. Not one to suffer fools or bad technology kindly—or to mince words. (Love you, Dad).

“Make it a win for the docs.”

It’s been echoing in my head from day one of solidifying our mission to help hospitals accelerate, automate, and improve the prior authorization process with Lia.

It’s especially resonant for me this week after reading some startling data:


  • As my colleague Dave shared in his post earlier this week, nearly 90 percent of surveyed physicians reported that prior authorization sometimes, often, or always delays access to care.
  • A 2010 AMA survey found that physicians spend an estimated 20 hours per week in prior authorization activities, costing an average of $83,000 in excess annual overhead per physician.


This is a huge time-waster and joy-killer for our healthcare professionals, not to mention an incredible day-to-day hurdle for the behind-the-scenes support teams.

At Digitize.AI, we’re on a mission to fix this. To get a “win.”

So what would a “win” for the docs look like?

  • Fewer peer review calls
  • Less frequent rescheduled or delayed appointments
  • Less back-and-forth on paperwork with hospital support staff
  • All of the preceding bullets, without the need to adopt some new feature-laden bulk technology that will just get in the way of doctors and nurses caring for patients

No-brainer, right? A “win” means getting the non-essential out of the way, and freeing up healthcare professionals to do their job: provide outstanding patient care.

But for those who live in the healthcare trenches day-in and day-out—like revenue cycle specialists—you know it’s a LOT more complex than that.

Which is why we’ve created Lia, and why we’re so laser-focused on helping make the prior authorization process faster and smarter.

By digging into the day-to-day challenges to create a non-intrusive A.I. assistant that really helps revenue cycle specialists do their job better, we’re freeing them up to be more successful and creating a positive ripple effect that will feel like a win for the docs.

Lia means faster authorizations, fewer denials and last-minute filings, and better quality of life at work for revenue cycle specialists.

And that leads to faster and more reliable reimbursements, fewer 11th-hour peer reviews and last-minute reschedulings, and less physician frustration and burnout due to payer gamesmanship.


Drop us a line and see how Lia can help your docs, nurses, and revenue cycle teams get a “win.”

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Pat Morrell

Written by Pat Morrell

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