Digitize.AI Featured in Charlotte Business Journal as One of the Charlotte Companies Driving AI Innovation

Posted by Alex Smith on Jan 18, 2019 4:21:42 PM

Digitize.AI is honored to have been featured in a Charlotte Business Journal article which highlighted four stand-out Charlotte companies and their work to drive AI innovation.

Digitize, as well as Tresata Inc., Stratifyd Inc., and Botsplash, were all in the spotlight for their growing prominence in the Charlotte tech start-up ecosystem and, more specifically, for their work in the AI space. For those who don't know:

"Charlotte’s Tresata Inc. and Stratifyd Inc. both use data analytics to help businesses adapt to what consumers want. Digitize.AI offers an automated solution for prior authorization requests in the health-care industry. Botsplash focuses on communication with customers via chatbot."

To be featured in this article with such amazing companies is quite exciting for us. We thank our growing portfolio of partners and clients for allowing us to reach such heights. Further, our very own Patrick Morrell was quoted in the article applauding

"Charlotte startups in their use-case product focus, wherein companies are founded to solve specific problems rather than to appeal to a mass market. He believes that’s one way the Queen City sets itself apart from others."

Pat, one of Digitize's co-founders and VP of Sales, was further quoted addressing Digitize's choice to focus on AI solutions to prior authorization process problems as well as utilization management workflows with health plans.

“The back office of health care isn’t necessarily what a lot of people would see as the most thrilling or headline-grabbing area to build a business, but it’s an extensive, challenging area that, if made a little bit better with some really thoughtful and acute application of AI, can save people a lot of money and can hopefully make American health care slightly ... better[.]”

Thank you to the Charlotte Business Journal for recognizing the value-adding solutions Digitize offers to the marketplace. We look forward to keeping everyone further apprised of our expanding presence in the AI marketplace.

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Alex Smith

Written by Alex Smith

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