Top HFMA Sessions, Part 1

Posted by Pat Morrell on Jun 6, 2018, 10:26:44 PM

The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) annual conference is just a few weeks away in Las Vegas (June 24th–June 27th) with some great speaker sessions on the docket.

We’ll have a crew from Digitize.AI holding down two (that’s right, TWO) booths:

  1. one booth is in the “Innovation Hub” where we’re competing in the “Virtual Pitch” competition (sidenote, VOTE FOR US); and
  2. another in the main exhibition hall, booth #666 (sounds demonic, we know…but we’re nice, we promise).

More info on Digitize.AI's showcase at the HFMA Conference

In the run-up to the conference, we’ve been digging into the schedule and we’ve highlighted a few sessions that we’re particularly stoked to see. Here’s the first in a two-part blog series with our run-down on this year’s can’t-miss HFMA annual conference sessions:

Session: “Innovative Practices in Healthcare Contract Administration”

Not exactly a topic that jumps off the page and screams, “THIS IS EXCITING STUFF!!!” But a quick glance of the description and learning objections tells me this will be VERY insightful for vendors looking for progressive, time-saving contract administration tactics, and for healthcare organizations looking to simplify their own internal processes.

Not throwing anyone under the bus, but every healthcare finance leader we’ve met with has lamented some version of the following: “You guys are great and we want to move forward… now we just need to maneuver through our endlessly bureaucratic procurement process… get ready for a rough ride.” If you can identify with this sentiment, this session is for you.

  • Details: 
    • Room: Venetian D
    • Session Number: CW3
    • Sunday, June 24, 2018: 1:00 PM–4:00 PM
  • Session Leaders:
    • Christopher Wintrode, Administrative Director, Business Operations and Strategic Initiatives and Contracts, Stanford Health Care
    • Helen Wilmot, Vice President, Facilities Services & Planning, Stanford Health Care
  • Description (via HFMA): “This session will address contract review in the current healthcare environment. The speakers will show how an academic medical system revolutionized the way contracts are reviewed and managed by adopting leading practices and implementing new technology. Attendees will learn about the results of this change, which included a reduction of annual expenses by $1.2 million, and they will explore improvements that can be implemented in your organization.”
  • Learning Objectives (via HFMA):
    • “Identify leading practices in legal review and healthcare contract management processes”
    • “Examine how an innovative system can reduce legal expenses, increase customer satisfaction, and decrease contract review turnaround times”
    • “Learn how technology can automate legal review and contract management”

“Early Riser Conversations of 4”

Every time I reflect back on a conference and think “Man, THAT was time well spent,” I feel that way because I had at least one, 1-on-1 conversation with someone new that went beyond general pleasantries and “tell me about your company” and delved into real and interesting topics.

Shout-out to the HFMA for setting up sessions like this that are designed to allow for that kind of discussion. Though 23-year-old Pat Morrell was not a Vegas early riser, my 33-year-old self has been re-engineered by early morning diaper-changing sessions with my toddler to be better suited for this kind of session. Count me in.

  • Details: 
    • Room: Veronese
    • Session Number: ER1
    • Monday, June 25, 2018: 7:00 AM–7:50 AM
  • Session Leaders: YOU, and your new best, early-rising friends
  • Description (via HFMA): Join your peers for dynamic, spirited conversations on issues that are top-of-mind for industry members. There will be a variety of categories, ranging from the technical to strategic to a potpourri of current issues. You’ll share victories, expertise, challenges, and resources, and leave with new tools, contacts, and connections.”
  • Learning Objectives (via HFMA):
    • “Connect with peers to address common industry challenges”
    • “Obtain resources for finding solutions”
    • “Offer insights, victories, and challenges on specific issues”

Schedule time to meet the Digitize.AI team at the HFMA Annual Conference


Session: “The New Conversation on Cost”

We created Lia in large part to help corral the growing costs associated with increasingly burdensome revenue cycle processes, like prior authorizations. As career business technologists with a back-office bent, cost reduction is in our DNA. I’m just excited to learn from these two smart docs.

  • Details: 
    • Room: Casanova
    • Session Number: CH1
    • Monday, June 25, 2018: 9:45 AM–11:00 AM
  • Session Leaders:
    • Chris Moriates, MD, Assistant Dean for Health Care Value and Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Dell Medical School at University of Texas at Austin
    • Neel Shah, MD, Assistant Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, Harvard Medical School
  • Description (via HFMA): “While skyrocketing healthcare costs have many drivers, bringing together shared insights from both clinical and financial leaders remains a critical element of making care affordable. In this session, you'll hear the latest on the national conversation on creating a healthcare system that truly delivers value.”
  • Learning Objectives (via HFMA):
    • “Create a strategy for supporting clinician-financial engagement and conversation”
    • “Explore the communications obstacles to reducing costs”

“Business Intelligence as a Revenue Cycle Solution”

If it isn’t obvious from our website, this kind of session is right smack-dab in our wheelhouse. Stoked for this one.

  • Details: 
    • Room: Veronese
    • Session Number: A01
    • Monday, June 25, 2018: 2:00 PM–3:15 PM
  • Session Leader: Jeffrey Porter, Chief Revenue Cycle Officer, UPMC
  • Description (via HFMA): “This executive-focused session will reveal how to use business intelligence to develop solutions and create new initiatives within various revenue cycle areas. Topics will include measuring cost productivity, implementing predictive modelling, and payer level scorecarding. The use of business intelligence in both clinical and operational areas by the revenue staff at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) will illustrate these topics.”
  • Learning Objectives (via HFMA):
    • “Learn how to evaluate key volume drivers and associated costs to compare cost-per-output trends over time”
    • “Examine how to determine which payers are most resource intensive and develop strategies for workflow redesign and/or contracting”
    • “Review staffing models for ED, ambulatory, and contact center settings”

Come back to the blog next week for part 2 of this pre-HFMA conference blog series!

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