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Posted by Pat Morrell on Aug 24, 2018, 8:56:38 AM


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August 24, 2018




"Could A.I. Solve the HR Crisis in Healthcare?"

Via MedicalFuturist: "By all means, we need to emphasize that practicing medicine is not a linear process. Not every single element and parameter can be translated into a programming language – but there are areas where [Artificial Intelligence] could definitely improve patient outcomes and ease the burden on medical staff."

 "Could A.I. Solve The Human Resources Crisis in Healthcare?"

A.I. cannot replace clinicians. But A.I. can greatly reduce the 20 hours per week that clinicians spend on administrative tasks like prior authorizations. 

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"Healthcare execs see Amazon as biggest disrupter"

Via HealthcareDive: "Some 75% of CEOs said the e-commerce giant will cause the most waves. Next was Apple (14%), followed by Google, Microsoft and IBM."

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BUT . . . what about Walmart? 
Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 3.50.41 PM

Check out this recent podcast from the folks at "A Healthy Dose" as they interview Marcus Osborne and Alex Drane of Walmart, and offer an interesting counter-perspective to Amazon's position as lead potential disruptor.

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"Why An Upgraded Hippocratic Oath Is Needed In The Digital Era"

This one has been making the rounds at our office lately, and we're curious to hear feedback (especially from you oath-taking clinicians).

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