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Posted by Pat Morrell on Sep 1, 2018, 9:00:00 AM

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September 1, 2018





Justin Adams, Digitize.AI CEO, at HCEG 2018


"Coming to a Hotel or Conference Center Near You"

HealthCare Executive Group Annual Forum... 
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HFMA Western Symposium... 
We're taking the show on the road in the next few months. 
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 "Coming to a Hotel or Conference Center Near You"






"Google is working to improve EHR note taking for physicians"

"We find that much of the content can be predicted, and that many common templates found in notes can be learned," Google Brain Software Engineer Peter Liu writes in the paper. "Such models can be useful in supporting assistive note-writing features such as error-detection and auto-complete."

(Could be great news for docs and nurses).

Read more here.



"Report Says Artificial Intelligence on the Rise for Healthcare"

"As healthcare continues to transform with technology, paper-based records continue to decrease as AI holds a more efficient role in collecting data. With the explosion of technological data, there is now a strong demand to extract this information, keep it secure and utilize it. In healthcare, AI is being used to review data and uncover patterns that can be used to improve analyses. The ultimate goal is to provide better care for patients while also reducing costs."

Read more here.


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"What Does Knee Surgery Cost? 
Few Know, and That’s a Problem"

A great—and jarring—case study on healthcare economics. This article has made the rounds with our team this week. A must-read.

Read more about the real problem here.


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