Digitize.AI Weekly Newsletter (blog edition) - August 19th

Posted by Pat Morrell on Aug 20, 2018, 7:37:42 AM


Digitize.AI Weekly Newsletter

August 19, 2018





Digitize.AI Blog: "Prior Auth Limbo Gets Personal"

"At Digitize.AI, we’re on a mission to use A.I. in the form of our platform, Lia, to help healthcare providers better manage prior authorizations . . . This month, that mission became even more personal for me. Because on Wednesday, August 15th, I was informed that my own medical treatment would be postponed due to a—you guessed it—prior authorization delay."


Click here to read the rest of this personal account from Digitize.AI CEO, Justin Adams




 Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 3.23.05 PM

"Moving to electronic transactions could save Medicaid plans over $4.8B annually"*

"Manual prior authorizations can create administrative issues, lost productivity and result in delayed or avoided care."


*But sustaining a transformation of the prior auth process won't come just from "going digital"... what's needed is a true A.I. solution that executes the prior auth process andgets smarter to adapt over time. 
That's how we designed Lia. 
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"Prior Authorization Moves to EHRs"

"The AMA, American Hospital Association and America's Health Insurance Plans are among the signers of a recent consensus statement noting their "shared commitment to industry-wide improvements to PA processes and patient-centered care."



Meet Lia, your A.I. teammate for faster and smarter prior authorizations





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About Us

Digitize.AI is a healthcare-focused A.I. & Automation firm. 

Our mission is to use A.I. to help healthcare teams work at the highest and best use of their skills. 

Lia™, our patent-pending system of intelligence, is an “A.I. teammate” for smarter, faster prior authorizations. 

Lia helps CFOs and VPs of Revenue Cycle improve the patient experience, increase team productivity, secure revenue, and reduce clinician burnout by automating, accelerating, and reprioritizing prior authorization tasks.



Meet Lia, your A.I. teammate for faster and smarter prior authorizations



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