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Posted by Jayde Hansen on Mar 30, 2018 9:15:06 AM



Is your revenue cycle team ready for A.I.? Answer nine questions to find out.




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"5 Challenges to Bringing Intelligent Automation to the Healthcare Back Office" (Digitize.AI Blog)

Learn about 5 challenges associated with bringing automation to the healthcare back office and how to address the possible pushback.




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"92% of Docs Say Prior Authorizations Negatively Impact Outcomes"
(HealthPayer Intelligence)

"Insurers eventually authorize most requests, but the process can be a lengthy administrative nightmare or recurring paperwork, multiple phone calls and bureaucratic battles that can delay or disrupt a patient's access to vital care." 

- AMA Chair-Elect Jack Resneck Jr, MD

We built Digitize.AI to solve this problem. 
(See how here).

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"Survey: Patient Clinical Outcomes Shortchanged by Prior Authorization" (American Medical Association)

We applaud the AMA for shining a light on this issue. You'll find terrific insight on the nature of the problem—and potential solutions—in the link above, and the additional resources below.


Prior Authorization and Utilization Management Reform Principles

Consensus Statement on Improving the Prior Authorization Process

A better way: ePA and beyond



 "A Review of Electronic Prior Authorization Technology" 
(Tech Target)

- Prior auths have increased 33% in 2 years

- Electronic prior auths = $1.89 vs. manual prior-auth = $7.50

- Docs and staff spend 16.4 hours per week on prior auths

"...prior-auth ecosystem screams for technological assistance."




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"Digitize.AI Top Books of The Month" (Digitize.AI Blog)

Our intern, Jayde Hansen, has put together a series of some of our top reads of the month. Have a look and find something you love! 


Revenue cycle and utilization managers working together. 

"You Can't Be A Great Leader Without TrustHere's How You Build It" (Forbes)

A terrific read. Hat tip to our Chief Strategy Officer, Dave Bodel, for sharing this with the team.




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