Digitize.AI Weekly Newsletter (blog edition) - April 20th

Posted by Jayde Hansen on Apr 20, 2018 11:00:00 AM



Is your revenue cycle team ready for A.I.? Answer nine questions to find out.




How artificial intelligence and systems of intelligence can save revenue cycle and utilization managers from outstanding costs while also speeding up prior authorization processing.

"AI could help reduce the administrative costs of health care"
Studies show that A.I. can bridge the gap between technology and the administrative area of healthcare, which ultimately has a tremendous effect on patients.


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"Prior Authorization's Pain Continues for Providers"
"Prior authorization: it's been around for years, but not much has been done to improve it, leaving it the bane of many physicians' existence."


"Meet Lia"

"Meet Lia

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"Lia: Empowering Hospital Teams, Enhancing the Patient Experience"
Dana Adams writes about the effect that the back office has on the patient experience and how we've built Lia to solve that problem. 


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"Our Company Values, Part 2: We Will Trust Each Other"
Our CEO, Justin Adams, continues the series on discussing our first value, Trust.




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