IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Digitize.AI To Present on the Keys to “Buying and Valuing Artificial Intelligence Solutions” at HFMA 2019

Posted by Pat Morrell on Jun 13, 2019 4:56:23 PM

Stoked about this... big news for our team and customers!

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Patrick Morrell

Digitize.AI To Present on the Keys to “Buying and Valuing Artificial Intelligence Solutions” at HFMA 2019

Co-Founder Pat Morrell will share insights, resources with healthcare leaders to guide their vendor evaluations

CHARLOTTE, NC: Digitize.AI, a leading A.I. firm focused on solving challenges in the healthcare revenue cycle, announced that co-founder Pat Morrell has been invited to present at the HFMA Annual Conference on Monday, June 25th, at 1:30pm EST on the “Innovation” stage.

With his presentation, Morrell will seek to educate healthcare finance leaders on some of the real-world pitfalls and best practices related to the evaluation and procurement of Artificial Intelligence solutions. There will be a particular focus on how CFOs and revenue cycle leaders can vet/test vendors and build consensus internally to make smart A.I. investments in the revenue cycle. Morrell will reference the prior authorization process and Digitize.AI’s solution, Lia, as a case study.

The 2019 HFMA Annual Conference is the premier education, networking, and technology-unveiling event for healthcare finance executives. Digitize.AI will be there as the leading voice of A.I.-driven innovation for the revenue cycle and is hosting solutions showcases in “HFMA Central” (booth #1040) and in the “Innovation Hub” (booth #863D).

Digitize.AI co-founder, Pat Morrell, on his forthcoming presentation:

“We’ve learned a lot in building our product to help our customers solve complex prior authorization challenges with our A.I. solution, “Lia”. And aside from Lia’s results and ROI for our customers, the output has been a number of unique insights we’ve developed on A.I.’s near-term and long-term value in the revenue cycle, as well as, on trends we’re seeing across vendors and solutions. We’ll be at HFMA to meet with customers and partners, and to grow our customer base for Lia—but whether folks buy from us or not, we want to share what we’ve learned to help healthcare leaders make informed A.I. buying decisions. My hope is that this presentation will accomplish that.”

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About Digitize.AI: Our mission is to use A.I. to help healthcare teams work at the highest and best use of their skills. Our core value statement is to grow trust, transparency, and courage in our communities. Lia™ and Mia™ are patent-pending A.I.-enabled Systems of Intelligence for prior authorizations and utilization management. With Lia supporting healthcare providers, CFOs and VPs of Revenue Cycle Management, and Mia supporting health plan executives, Digitize.AI has created pragmatic A.I. solutions that cut administrative costs and improve the patient/member experience. Learn more at

Company Leadership: Justin Adams, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer; Pat Morrell, Co-Founder and Vice President of Sales; Mark Henry, Co-Founder and Lead Engineer.

Board of Advisors: The Digitize.AI board of advisors includes: Bob Hull, Chairman of the Board of Directors at SPX FLOW and a member of Deloitte’s Finance Executive Advisory Group; Mark Linsz, former Corporate Treasurer at Bank of America and current board member at CNL Strategic Capital (Levine Leichtman) and CNL CCT2 (KKR); Dr. Tammara Combs, CEO of Serendipity Interactive; Robert Brinkley, Partner at Womble Bond Dickinson; Mike Lee, President of Independence Consulting; Tim Sittema, Managing Partner of Crosland Southeast; Mike Seferyn, Chief Information Officer for the Family Dollar division of Dollar Tree; Keith Anthony, Managing Partner of Independence Consulting; and Jay Plueger, SVP of Strategic Initiatives and Corporate Development at AvidXchange, Inc.


Pat Morrell

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