Digitize.AI Weekly Newsletter (blog edition) - Feb 9th, 2018

Posted by Jayde Hansen on Feb 9, 2018, 7:26:00 AM


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"Digitize.AI Partners with Windham Brannon, Announces Exclusive A.I. Panel at HIMSS18" (Digitize.AI blog). Big news this week regarding a new partner, a new client, and an upcoming panel at the leading healthcare information and technology conference. Check out this post on our blog for all the details.




"Digitize.AI Announces Programs and Contests for HIMSS18" (Digitize.AI blog). Every day at HIMSS, whether on social media or at our kiosk (#9900-41) we'll be hosting demos of Lia, the A.I. assistant for prior authorizations, and coordinating a series of consultations and contests. Stop by to meet us if you'll be in Vegas, and be sure to take our interactive quiz: answer just 9 questions, and we can quantify how A.I. can help your prior authorization team work faster and smarter.


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"HIMSS18 puts women front-and-center as conference keynotes, speakers" (HealthcareITNews): It's exciting to see this trend gaining steam prior to the conference. We're hosting a similar event ourselves with Valerie Barckhoff (Windham Brannon, Principal) and Brooke Moore (The Emory Clinic, CFO), and look forward to a week full of insightful speakers and collaborative panels.



We're building an ambitious and supportive culture around our founding values—Trust, Transparency, and Courage. Each week a member of our team either writes or shares an article that exemplifies our values. Our marketing & communications associate, Jayde Hansen, found this article about Brené Brown's perspective on what it means to bring your whole self to work. 

Learn more abour our Team and our Values here


Brown on the value of being vulnerable at work, which plays out in our tough industry - dealing with prior authorizations, artificial intellgence, systems of intelligence, and revenue cycle/utilization management.

"Why Being Vulnerable at Work Can Be Your Biggest Advantage, According to Brené Brown"Brené explains how being vulnerable in the workplace can promote courage and trust. Rather than looking at just the surface of an issue, she encourages looking deeper to determine why it's happening and how we can solve the problem.



For those attending the HIMSS18 Conference, we'll be there!

Meet us in the "Innovation Live" expo hall, booth #9900-41.

Visit us @ HIMSS 2018 in March in Las Vegas


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