Digitize.AI Weekly Newsletter (blog edition) - Feb 16th, 2018

Posted by Jayde Hansen on Feb 16, 2018, 9:55:26 AM


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"A guide to revenue cycle education at HIMSS18" 

As we count down the weeks to HIMSS18, we're excited that our exclusive panel—"AI & Machine Learning in Revenue Cycle Management"—is a featured event in HealthcareITNews.



Systems of intelligence and artificial intelligence help assist revenue cycle and utilization managers in speeding up the prior authorization process.

"A.I. is exploding in healthcare—here's how it's being used" 


"The three most cost-saving uses of AI in healthcare are robot assisted surgery, virtual nursing assistants, and administrative workflow assistance."


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"How to fix the cost of American health care"
(The Hill)
The author cites four ways to cut costs, among them: "Reduce unnecessary paperwork." He elaborates: "The prior authorization approval process costs over $80,000 per year, per practice...Doctors spend almost 40 percent of their time doing paperwork." 
These are jarring statistics and reflect a brutal reality for clinicians. Broken, lengthy, manual, and onerous processes hinder their ability to deliver quality care. 

This is one of the main reasons why we created Lia.



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"Stone Age, a Call for Digitizing Prior Authorizations"
(Digitize.AI Blog)
Chief Strategy Officer, David Bodel: "I'm encouraged that innovative automation engineers are discovering multiple points along the healthcare revenue cycle that are ripe for machine learning, allowing a reduction of administrative costs and an improvement in the cycle time to patients getting care."


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"A Win for the Docs"
(Digitize.AI Blog)
Co-Founder, Pat Morrell: "A 'win' means getting the non-essential out of the way, and freeing up healthcare professionals to do their job: provide outstanding patient care. But for those who live in the healthcare trenches day-in and day-out—like revenue cycle specialists—you know it’s a LOT more complex than that."


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"Four Revenue-Generating Uses For A.I. in the Healthcare Back Office"(Digitize.AI Blog)
Dana Adams: "Let’s look at four main back office processes (that currently rely on manual, repetitive human effort) that could benefit tremendously from A.I."


We're building an ambitious and supportive culture around our founding values—Trust, Transparency, and Courage.

Learn more abour our Team and our Values here

Each week a member of our team either writes or shares an article that exemplifies our values. Our data scientist & engineer, Ravi Chandra, found this article that represents what it means to build a company founded on trust.

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"The Most Valuable Business Commodity: Trust"
David K. Williams: "It is the relationships we forge—and the trust we create—that matters most to our success at the end of the day."



For those attending the HIMSS18 Conference, we'll be there!
Meet us in the "Innovation Live" expo hall, booth #9900-41.


Visit us @ HIMSS 2018 in March in Las Vegas


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