Grateful and Excited, a message to the Digitize.AI team and Charlotte tech community

Posted by Pat Morrell on Nov 28, 2017, 12:00:00 AM

This morning our CEO, Justin Adams, published a press release announcing that I've joined Digitize.AI as a Co-Founder a VP Sales this week (full copy below).

   Grateful and Excited, a message to the Digitize.AI team and Charlotte tech community


I'm extremely excited to be a part of the Digitize.AI founding team along with Justin and our CTO Thomas Gathings, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to help grow our team and expand our client base. (My wife, Clay, and our kids, Nina and Turner, are pretty pumped about this new venture, too.)


Artificial Intelligence... Robotic Process Automation... Machine Learning... these are potential-rich and adrenaline-inducing technologies that can spur fantastical thoughts and implications for how we will live in our lives and run our businesses in the future. Why I'm so bullish about the prospects for Digitize.AI's growth and success in this arena is the grounded and practical approach we're taking in building out our offering. While our long-term vision is appropriately (necessarily!) audacious, our product roadmap is incrementally progressive and implementable, and our client service goal is simple: to create "intelligent automation" tools that help business and IT leaders improve processes, more easily extract data for decision-making, and increase the ROI on their existing software.


We know this holds immense appeal and inherent value for executives across the org charts in the industries we serve. And the pragmatic, near-term-executable, ROI-centric approach to technological innovation is a hallmark of the Charlotte tech and startup community. Many IT services, mobile development, and product companies in this market have have built long-standing and successful businesses on a similar philosophy, and I look forward to helping Digitize.AI continue in that tradition of value-creation and growth.



We're solving big, complex business problems and creating real, measurable value with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Per my "press release approved" remarks below... if you're a business or IT leader and you want to explore how these technologies can help your business improve workflows and unlock data for better decision-making (and/or if you’re a technologist, engineer, data scientist, designer, sales professional, marketer, or customer success advocate who's looking for a new adventure) give us a call today. 




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (November 28, 2017)

Justin Adams




Digitize.AI Welcomes Co-Founder & VP Sales
Leading independent Intelligent Automation firm in the Southeast completes founding executive team


CHARLOTTE, NC: Digitize.AI, a fast-growing independent Intelligent Automation firm, announced today that Pat Morrell will assume the position of Co-Founder and VP Sales effective November 28, 2017. Morrell previously served as Director of Inside Sales for the Sealed Air Corporation, and will join CEO Justin Adams and CTO Thomas Gathings to complete Digitize.AI’s founding executive team.


On Morrell’s executive team appointment, Justin Adams commented, "Pat’s interdisciplinary background has earned him a wealth of experience in building teams and leading revenue generation programs in highly competitive F500 and start-up environments. He has a proven track record in designing effective sales and marketing programs, and for crafting customer-centric onboarding and success programs. Combine that with the advancements our team has made under Thomas Gathings’s leadership as CTO, and we have the tools and people in place to solve big problems, earn client trust, and scale our business.”


As VP Sales for Digitize.AI, Morrell will assume responsibility for:

  • building the organization’s sales, marketing, and customer success teams;

  • accelerating company revenue growth through direct and indirect sales and marketing channels;

  • shepherding clients through the onboarding and product utilization life cycle; and

  • incorporating client feedback and needs into the product development process.


“It’s a thrill to join this team at this exciting stage in Digitize.AI’s evolution,” said Morrell. “My goal is to build a loyal and motivated client base by ensuring we help business and IT leaders simplify processes, extract increasing ROI from existing software, and enrich their employees’ ‘at-work-and-on-screen’ experience. I also plan to invest equal energy and time in curating our company’s culture and core values (trust, transparency, and courage) while we grow our team. So if you’re curious to explore how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology can help your business improve workflows and unlock data for better decision-making, or if you’re a technology or sales professional looking to join a fast-growing team, call us.”


Pat joins Digitize.AI from the Sealed Air Corporation, where he built the enterprise's first inside sales organization and introduced an analytics-driven approach to managing a $125MM+ product portfolio. Prior to working at Sealed Air, Pat launched the inside sales and strategic partnership teams at Skookum, a leading software services and IoT innovation firm in Charlotte, NC. Other sales and leadership roles in his career have included: Founder of FitzGerald Morrell (a custom clothing e-commerce company based in Charlotte, NC), Director of Business Development at Three Ships (a pioneering digital agency based in Raleigh, NC), and field operations roles in national campaign politics.


About Digitize.AI: Digitize.AI is the leading independent Intelligent Automation firm in the Southeast.  We use AI, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation technology to help companies digitize internal processes and create a 21st-century digital workforce. Our mission is to grow trust, transparency, and courage in our communities.




Pat Morrell

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