Why Chief Medical Officers Must Take a Lead Role in Fixing Prior Authorization

Posted by Pat Morrell on Jan 4, 2019 12:10:00 PM

You’re a Chief Medical Officer. You’re busy. Too busy to read long blog posts. So this one is short / sweet / direct.


IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Digitize.AI Co-founder and CEO to Speak at the 2019 HFMA Western Region Symposium

Posted by Pat Morrell on Jan 4, 2019 10:25:28 AM

Digitize.AI is heading back to Las Vegas for the HFMA Western Region Symposium

Our CEO, Justin Adams, is excited to teach conference attendees about the real costs and pains of the prior authorization process and how systems of intelligence can change the game.


In 2018 we brought A.I. to the healthcare revenue cycle - what did we learn?

Posted by Pat Morrell on Jan 3, 2019 7:52:53 PM

Customers, Partners, and Friends -

Last month we held an all-hands meeting on Digitize.AI’s 2019 roadmap. I wrote this on the whiteboard to spark the discussion: "In 2018 we brought A.I. to the healthcare revenue cycle—what did we learn?"

What came from this was a series of retrospective and future-facing insights that we realized later would be valuable to share with others. I’ve bulleted the key takeaways below, and would love to hear thoughts from our network (you can email me at

Best of luck to you all in 2019.

- Pat Morrell


What the Heck is a Gold Card and Why is it the Future of Utilization Management?

Posted by Justin Adams on Dec 19, 2018 1:54:00 PM

When you hear the word “Gold Card” the typical person may immediately think about an American Express credit card—a baseline transaction tool that is also a gateway to perks and discounts that are designed to reward reliable buying patterns and top-tier credit (and to incentive continued behavior).

But the idea of a “gold card” isn’t restricted to just the consumer credit market—it has taken hold in a unique way in the healthcare industry, particularly affecting how healthcare providers submit “prior authorizations” and, correspondingly, how health insurance plans conduct “utilization management.” While arguably not as exciting as getting free airline and hotel points, our type of gold carding is infinitely more valuable to society and in bringing down the administrative costs of healthcare while increasing quality.