We're Going All-In On Healthcare

Posted by Pat Morrell on Jan 3, 2018, 3:41:00 PM

Four months ago our CEO announced the launch of our values-driven AI company.

Three months ago he and our CTO shared their vision for our brand of intelligent automation. 

This month our team will kick off an ambitious project with a leading healthcare provider.

In 48hrs we will unveil a new healthcare-centric version of the Digitize.AI website.
And in 24hrs, we will announce the launch of a new product -- a system of intelligence that will help healthcare finance leaders reduce revenue cycle costs, increase labor productivity, and speed up pre-certifications by combining A.I. and intelligent automation.

If it's not clear already, Digitize.AI is going all-in on healthcare.

Healthcare operations and revenue cycle management, to be exact. And we're placing particular focus on "pre-certifications" i.e. the process by which a patient is pre-approved for coverage of a procedure or prescription by their insurance provider. 
In most hospitals, pre-certifications are managed by an-house team that navigates complex procedures and disconnected systems with herculean fortitude and trial-by-fire expertise. They juggle multiple medical software platforms, maneuver through changing rules and demands from insurers, decipher complex medical reports, and persevere under pressure from clinical teams and finance leaders to keep the trains running on time -- all to help process paperwork and build the medical rationale to patients get the care they need, and to ensure hospitals are compensated for that care.
But there's a problem: in most hospitals, the process takes too long and costs too much. The American Medical Association and the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine report that legacy pre-certification processes can chew up 20+ hours each week per physician, and lead to a total annual cost of $600-700M in the US. And this analysis doesn't account for the negative ripple effect that broken pre-certs can have on the patient experience (scheduled/canceled procedures, murky billing expectations, etc). The current pre-certification can create enduring pain for patients, damage hospital reputations, and cost money.
We think machine learning and intelligent automation can help these teams automate and (re)prioritize much of this activity to drive even better financial results, to improve the patient financial experience, and to just make life at work better and more productive for the team members themselves.

So we custom-built our A.I. solution to address this huge problem/opportunity, and to create value for healthcare teams. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 8.39.38 PM.png
You've likely heard us reference our company values: Trust, Transparency, Courage. We've tweaked our company mission, meshing those values with our healthcare focus:
Digitize.AI's mission is to bring trust, transparency, and courage to our healthcare communities through the creative use of results-focused A.I.
The next two weeks will be rich with updates, so stay in the loop via Twitter & LinkedIn. Forthcoming news will include:
  • Product launch announcements.
  • New team additions.
    • A healthcare operations veteran with 27 years of experience.
    • A leading Charlotte-area data scientist and machine learning expert.
    • Two dynamic marketing and communications brains. 
  • Major event in March. We'll be a leading voice of A.I. at an exclusive healthcare & technology conference.
  • A new website. 
By bringing A.I. and intelligent automation to the pre-certification process, we will help healthcare teams (claims reps, CFOs, clinicians) improve overall hospital financial health. And we're stoked to dive in and prove it.
Pat Morrell

Written by Pat Morrell

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