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Posted by Pat Morrell on Dec 27, 2017, 1:36:00 PM

When Justin, Thomas, and I first discussed building a company together, we were sure of a few core beliefs:
- we knew we wanted to help companies solve complex problems with AI
- we knew we wanted to live and work in Charlotte, our shared home city
- we knew we wanted to create a values-driven team and culture
Learn more abour our Team and our Values here
What we didn't know is which industry (industries?) we wanted to channel our energy into, and what specific challenges we wanted to build our business around.
As a lot of founders can attest, the answer to the question can often come about serendipitously and unexpectedly as a result of shared personal interests. Fortunately, that was the case for us.
Our early stage brainstorming together took place in Thomas' backyard office-garage (a particularly rad set-up, worthy of its own photoshoot... future blog post...). It was during those conversations that we quickly realized we shared a passion for the healthcare industry (other future blogs posts will include our stories behind that shared passion...). 
Since those early brainstorms, and with the officially founding of Digitize.AI, the three of us have been exploring/prototyping ways to create value in healthcare while we've also built up our advisory business and client roster. More news on healthcare front will be coming soon (post-"stealth mode" product announcements, client news, team expansions, etc), but in the meantime we wanted share one piece of exciting news:
Digitize.AI has been named a finalist to join the Texas Medical Center's TMCx Digital Health 2018 accelerator program (official press release below). If you're not familiar with TMCx, check out their website for a quick run-down (their team does a far better/pithier job than I could of explaining scope and awesomeness of this program). 
LSS, we wrapped the interview process and soon know if we're to be invited to join the 2018 class. But the fact that Digitize.AI was selected from thousands of applicants to be a Finalist is, in itself, an exciting validation for our product and services vision. Win or lose, this is a confidence-building victory for our team as we head into the holidays. 
More, hopefully good, news to come on this topic soon.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (December 22, 2017)

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Digitize.AI a Finalist for TMCx Digital Health 2018 Accelerator Program
World’s largest medical center cultivates visionary entrepreneurs to create next generation health technologies


CHARLOTTE, NC: Digitize.AI, a fast-growing independent Artificial Intelligence firm, announced today that it has been named a Finalist to join the TMCx Digital Health 2018 accelerator program.


Per the TMCx website: “Located in the TMC Innovation Institute, the program provides startup companies with shared workspace, a curriculum tailored to the needs of health care entrepreneurs and the guidance of over 120 advisors from the front lines of the industry… in addition, participants work with the TMCx team to refine strategies and build relationships across the Texas Medical Center. Companies network with key thought leaders and mentors during the Advisor Pitch Event, the TMC Expert Forum and other scheduled sessions. The four-month program culminates with TMCx Demo Day, an exclusive presentation to hundreds of investors, corporate partners, hospital stakeholders, media and other guests.”


Digitize.AI CEO Justin Adams: “We’re thrilled to be in the running to join the next class of TMCx companies. This accelerator program is world-renowned and presents a remarkable opportunity for our team to learn from leading healthcare experts as we refine our offerings in this space. The founding team at Digitize.AI discovered early on that we share a passion for the healthcare industry, and we’ve been channeling our energy to pinpoint where we can create the most value with our AI expertise. We look forward to refining our ideas and current prototype with help from the TMCx team, and the greater TMC clinical and administrative leaders.”


Following a series of interviews with finalists, the TMCx team will announce the 2018 accelerator program participants in January 2018.


About Digitize.AI: Digitize.AI is the leading independent Artificial Intelligence firm in the Southeast. We use  Machine Learning and Intelligent Automation technology to help companies digitize internal processes and create a 21st-century digital workforce. Our mission is to grow trust, transparency, and courage in our communities.


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