Digitize.AI is excited to announce its sponsorship of 
The 2019 HFMA Revenue Cycle Conference.

Scheduled for 3/20/19 - 3/22/219 in Austin, TX,
this conference brings together top leaders to "imagine tomorrow's revenue cycle."

This year's theme is:
"The Next Gen Revenue Cycle: Balancing Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Digital Trends with Human Skill."  

And Digitize.AI CEO, Justin Adams, will be there as the leading voice of
pragmatic, A.I.-driven innovation for the revenue cycle.

Click here to schedule time with Digitize.AI CEO, Justin Adams, at HFMA

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Lia™ is the platform for faster, smarter prior authorizations.

Lia™ automates the prior authorization process to increase revenue, reduce costs, and save time. 

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Mia™ is the system for faster, smarter utilization management.

Mia™ automates the prior authorization process to produce quick, accurate, and cost-effective responses.

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