The 2019 HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition, scheduled for 2/11/19 - 2/15/2019 in Orlando, is the leading health information and technology conference—and Digitize.AI will be there as the leading voice of A.I.-driven innovation for the revenue cycle.

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Here's what we're featuring at our booth, #9000-125 in the "Innovation Live" exhibit hall.

"Lia" Demos for Providers

"Lia" is your A.I.-enabled "system of intelligence for faster, smarter prior authorizations.

See Lia in action at our booth!

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"Mia" Demos for Healthplans

"Mia" is your next-generation "A.I. gold card" for faster, smarter utilization management.

See Mia in action at our booth!

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2019 HFMA Survey Results

At the 2019 HFMA Symposium, Digitize.AI co-founders led a working session/survey for 50 CFOs and RCM leaders. 

1-page insight summaries available.

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Prior authorizations out of control?
Think an A.I. solution can help?
Don't think—know.

We built the "A.I. Readiness Assessment" to help you determine if your team and IT systems are ready for A.I.
Take the 5min "AIRA" at our booth!

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A.I. Selling Guides

Did our "AIRA" say that you're ready for A.I.?
Want to talk to vendors and see demos?
First, you need to sell the idea internally.

We wrote a 1-pager that maps out the people and issues to you'll encounter along the way to getting your "A.I. greenlight."
Come grab a copy!

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 A.I. Buying Guides

Did you get the "A.I. greenlight"?
Ready to see what the market has to offer?
Don't get caught buying A.I. snake oil

We built a checklist for evaluating A.I. partners and their solutions so you can ensure an ROI.
Pick up a checklist at our booth!