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Capable of processing 50-70% of the prior authorization workload, speeding up the approval process for a better patient experience

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Proprietary machine learning and automation that reduces administrative work and employee burnout 


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Real-time performance dashboard for executives and teams, increasing labor productivity

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Works with existing payer portals, apps, and EHR systems - no additional new technology training required, no disruptions


100% HIPAA-compliant 

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Customizable to team work flows, for easy adoption


Lia Sysytem of intelligence




Lia™ is the A.I. enabled system of intelligence to solve your prior authorization challenges. 

  • Labor productivity gains
  • Lower revenue cycle costs
  • Faster authorizations
  • Fewer denials and errors
  • Less administrative burnout
  • Better patient financial experience
  • Plus, a really cool team to partner with 
  • Lia™ runs 24/7 behind the scenes and integrates directly with EHR and payer systems

  • Lia™ adapts to changing payer rules and increases authorization approval rates 

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Lia - artificial intelligence for prior authorizations


Lia - artificial intelligence for healthcare prior authorizations

  •  Lia™'s dashboard updates in real-time providing a clear snapshot for team and executives 
  • Lia™ is not another EHR bolt-on: her system is cloud-based, working nicely with current workflows and systems

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HIMSS 2018 Panel: "A.I. and Machine Learning in Revenue Cycle Management"

Watch panelists, Brooke Moore  (CFO, The Emory Clinic), Valerie Barckhoff (Principal, Windham Brannon), and Justin Adams, (CEO, Digitize.AI) discuss the benefits of  Lia™ and the future of A.I. technology in revenue cycle operations. 

View full discussion here.


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