June 13, 2019. "Digitize.AI To Present on the Keys to "Buying and Valuing Artificial Intelligence Solutions" at HFMA 2019"(Digitize.AI Press Release)

May 21, 2019. "HFMA members vote for Digitize.AI & "Lia" for the second year in a row" (Digitize.AI Press Release)

April 5, 2019. "Top 1%, 'Digitize.AI Joins 2019 Dreamit Cohort'" (Digitize.AI Press Release)

March 15, 2019. "Digitize.AI Challenges to Healthcare Leaders to “Think Narrow” on Artificial Intelligence" (Digitize.AI Press Release)

January 19, 2019. "How These Charlotte Companies Are Driving A.I. Innovation" (Charlotte Business Journal)

January 4, 2019.  "Digitize.AI Co-Founder & CEO to speak at the 2019 HFMA Western Region Symposium" (Digitize.AI PR)

October 8, 2018. "Digitize.AI Announces New Director of Operations" (Digitize.AI Press Release)

September 4, 2018.   "Digitize.AI CEO: “What snake oil and A.I. in healthcare have in common” (Digitize.AI Press Release) 

June 5, 2018. "Digitize.AI Selected as Finalist in 2018 HFMA 'Virtual Pitch' Technology Competition" (Digitize.AI Press Release)

May 31, 2018. "Digitize.AI to Teach, Showcase at 2018 HFMA Annual Conference" (Digitize.AI Press Release)

May 24, 2018. "Digitize.AI Announces A.I. Advisory Council" (PRNewswire)

May 23, 2018. "Digitize.AI Announces New VP of Business Development" (Digitize.AI Press Release)

April 19, 2018. "AvidXchange to Host Digitize.AI CEO for Emerging Technologies Panel" (Digitize.AI Press Release)

March 4, 2018. "Digitize.AI To Unveil First of Its Kind A.I. Readiness Assessment at HIMSS" (Digitize.AI Press Release)

March 1, 2018. "HIMSS18: 11 hand-picked sessions to check out" (HealthcareDive)

February 12, 2018. "6 Recent RCM Services Expansions" (Becker's Hospital CFO Report)

February 8, 2018. "Digitize.AI Announces Programs and Contests for HIMSS18 Conference" (Digitize.AI Press Release)

February 7, 2018. "Windham Brannon and Digitize.AI Form Partnership to Tackle Healthcare Revenue Cycle Inefficiencies" (PRNewswire)

January 16, 2018. "Digitize.AI Welcomes Chief Strategy Officer, David Bodel" (Digitize.AI Press Release)

January 10, 2018. "Digitize.AI Launches Lia, an A.I. Assistant for Healthcare Finance Leaders" (Digitize.AI Press Release) 

December 30, 2017. "Your IT Department Isn’t to Blame for Wasting Money on AI (You Are)" (Medici / Let's Talk Payments)

December 22, 2017. "AvidXchange Senior Executive, Jay Plueger, Joins Digitize.AI Board of Advisors" (Digitize.AI Press Release)

November 28, 2017. "Digitize.AI Welcomes Co-Founder & VP Sales" (Digitize.AI Press Release) 

November 19, 2017. "Digitize.AI is helping companies master the AI and automation journey" (StartCharlotte)

September 14, 2017. "The Digital Robots are Coming: Charlotte Firm Sets out to Automate More Work" (Charlotte Observer)

September 6, 2017. "In Conversation with Justin Adams, CEO & Founder of Digitize.AI" (FinTech Stage)

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